Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Happy Your Birthday To Me

Every now and then, someone comes into the world who makes it a better place. Sometimes it happens on a global scale like with Abraham Lincoln or Ghandi. But more often, it's somebody who enters your life and changes the way you see the world, changes your perspective and leaves you wondering how you ever saw things the way you used to see them before that person was around.

You're lucky when you get to be around form the start of those lives. A son, a daughter, a brother, a sister, a niece, a nephew. These are all people we can form incredible bonds with just because we were lucky enough to be around when they were born and related to them.

Then there are others who you never noticed when they first became. Maybe you were too young. Perhaps you hadn't been born yet. Maybe they lived in a far away place. Maybe they lived nearby but you never had the occasion to meet them. But, oh, when you do, they make your life different. They make it meaningful in a way that you hadn't realized it could be. They open your eyes, strengthen your resolve and stretch your heart just by being around you. Their mere existence becomes an inspiration once you are lucky enough to intertwine your life with theirs.

When a person like that comes into your life, a friend, a lover, a spouse, I think it's important that you celebrate their arrival into this world. You may not have been there when it happened, but the event of their birth changed your life for the better. After all, had they never been born, you would never had met.

Today, I celebrate my wife's birthday. Yes, she celebrates it and my sons and I try to make her feel special, but we are celebrating our own good fortune as well. This is great day for us and for all the people my wife has made smile or feel special throughout her life (which makes for a lot of people). So, Happy My Wife's Birthday to me, and to you to, should you have the pleasure of knowing her.

She's made me happy beyond my wildest dreams and I look forward to celebrating as many more birthdays between the two of us as we are lucky enough to see...for as long as we both shall live.

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