Saturday, January 22, 2011

One Evil Team Remains and Must Be Vanquished!

Conference Championship weekend is here! I for one, could not be more excited, especially because the Bears are still alive, completely contrary to my pre-season expectations of them.

Since I have provided you with a unique perspective on which teams to root for the the NFL playoffs this year, allow me to continue this service. Let me also remind you again that these are moral high-ground picks. I am not giving you my selections by which to make bets and I most certainly do not pretend to know who will cover the spread. The teams I am selecting are the teams that stand on the side of good and righteousness. Should you want the world to be a better place, you will support the teams that I have selected below. Should you want it plunged into darkness, then be my guest and defy my picks. I, for one, shall never turn to the dark side.

I should also point out here that of the four remaining teams, three of them were my moral high-ground picks from last week's divisional round. Sadly, the one team I did not pick from last week is the most evil of them all...

Green Bay Packers @ Chicago Bears Sunday, 2:00 CST on Fox
Apparently, the Packers, the NFL's most evil of teams, have cashed in all of their favors in order to overcome numerous injuries and pile up road victories en route to the NFC Championship Game. I highly doubt that a single unsold soul remains on the team's roster. The unholy scheming is apparent in the fact that even the fallen angel, Brett Favre is backing the Packers, the team he left on such bad terms. The stage is set for the evilest of teams to be thwarted by the most pure of heart, the Bears. It has been 25 long years. We are ready. May Ditka protect us and lift us on our quest to a Super Bowl victory.
Moral High-Ground Pick: Bears

New York Jets @ Pittsburgh Steelers Sunday, 5:30 CST on CBS
How do I choose on this game? I like Mike Tomlin and the work ethic of the Steelers. But then, there is Ben Roethisberger (Lust) and the fact that they have already won two Super Bowl titles within the last decade (Greed). The Jets also seem to work pretty hard but Rex Ryan has done an awful lot of jawing (Pride). In the end, I think the weight of the deadly sins adds up to make the Jets the chosen team. Either way, the team that reaches the Super Bowl will need to be the sacrificial lamb before the Bears or the conquering champion that defeats the evil Packers. Prepare to meet your destiny, AFC Champions.
Moral High-Ground Pick: Jets

May the powers that be create a Bears/Jets Super Bowl and further bless us with a Mark Sanchez 5 interception performance on February 6th. Amen.

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