Friday, January 7, 2011

I'm a Twit! Is That What the Cool Kids Say?

Maturing, I have determined through much pain and suffering (which mature people refer to as experience) is the process of accepting that in which you see absolutely no point.

This is my oh-so-clever and not-so-veiled and so-very-hyphenated attempt to notify you all that Transformer Generation Dad now has a Twitter account. We are a blog and we are on Facebook so Twitter was the next logical step. Let me add the proviso that said logic had nothing to do with trying to study any sort of patterns, social trends, media analysis or...logic. When I say logic here I mean the blind following of the livestock in front of me.

They all seem to be heading toward that area where the metal spike pierces through their brains. Well, when in Rome...

Apparently, without the stinky asses of other cattle in my face to guide my path, I am lost.

I just finally got up to a friend number on Facebook that I was comfortable with, and now I have to start from scratch again asking people to follow me. It's like the transition from grade school to high school. As soon as I feel established and confident, here comes some new level of social humiliation.

But, if this allows more people to see this blog, then I suppose it's not such a bad thing. So, please, loyal readers, follow the link and follow Transformer Generation Dad on Twitter. Welcome to the 21st century! And if you don't have a Twitter account yet, what a great excuse I have just provided for you to get off of you technologically latent ass and create one (on a side note, yes, I will make fun of anyone without a Twitter account now because that has become my right as soon as i signed up for one) (on another side note, if there is anything I have done on a computer before you, that's a good sign that you are lame).

Yes, this is the sound of me selling out: Tweet, tweet, tweet!

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