Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Last Month's Poll Felled

As per our monthly ritual, the time has come to acknowledge the results of our previous poll via cheesy picture tribute and move forward to a new poll.

December's poll asked whether you prefer a real or artificial Christmas tree. I'm happy to see that the majority sided with yours truly on the real tree. I think they look better, they smell good, you can just throw them out instead of trying to compress them down to the original size they were (which is physically impossible) to fit them into the box they came in, and I also like the savagery of it all. Here, I am taking a once living thing and displaying it in my window for all to see. Should plant-life ever entertain the notion of trying to pull a rebellion like that M. Night Shyamalan movie, they'll know this is one human they shouldn't #*!% with.

Without any further ado, here is the image of commemoration to last week's poll winner:

With that bit of business dispatched, let us move on to this month's poll.

Living in the climate that I do, I find my movement restricted by the weather. The number of activities available to inspire me to get off of my ass and do something have dwindled down to walking through the indoor mall and getting off the couch to pick up the (remote/book/video game controller). Here, in the depths of winter's icy grip, I often find my mind wandering to the things I wish I could be doing were the weather warmer outside.

I ask you now, loyal readers, what do you look forward to doing when the weather improves (or tomorrow if you live in fair climate) instead of wallowing away in sun-deprived misery, huddled inside your Snuggie? This month, you may select more than one answer. Go nuts!

Vote early and vote often.

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