Wednesday, March 23, 2011

The Entrenched Eight

Our Geek Tournament begins yet another round today! Only eight contestants are left to fight for the top spot in the hearts and minds of geeks everywhere.

While there have been some epic battles, it would seem that I did a damn fine job on the seeding decisions. Sure, Return of the King made it in as a seven seed, but that is really the biggest and only surprise. All four number one seeds have made it to the championship game for their respective categories. But I have to save a few of those pats I'm rigorously applying to my own back for the back of my selection committee as well. Somebody had to keep me honest.

Now we look at four games over the next three days that feature some absolutely amazing things pitted head to head. I am personally wondering how Dungeons & Dragons vs. Lego will play out. I'm also enthused that we have a book versus a television show in the championship game for the much disputed TV & Book Bracket.

So, get online (which I suppose you already are if you're reading this) and vote for your favorite in the Entrenched Eight, a title I am particularly proud of. Meanwhile, I will try and come up with a clever yet original name for the four teams that will remain come Saturday morning.

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