Wednesday, March 2, 2011

We Love GeekDad!

Attention readers:

Thanks are to be distributed immediately. Said expressions of gratitude are to be directed spcifically to Jonathan Liu, contributor at GeekDad for his mention of Transformer Generation Dad's Geek Tournament on their podcast, The GeekDads Episode #86, and generally to GeekDad as a whole.

If you haven't paid attention to me before when I've directed you to the left hand column of this blog (and why haven't you?), you haven't seen our link to GeekDad, a blog affiliated with Wired magazine. If you haven't been there already, you ought to go check it out. They post some really amazing things there and I tend to check that with more regularity than I do any sort of news headlines if only because what they write about is way more fun.

Jonathan wrote a recommendation for Castle Panic, a game I decided to purchase and was then so taken with that I reviewed it here myself. In fact, Jonathan is constantly reviewing board games and books and passing his findings on to you.

If you want to hear us mentioned, follow the link above. It comes up as the 25 minute mark approaches, but please don't just skip to that, listen to the entire podcast for some interesting conversation on current issues from the GeekDad perspective.

Thanks again to GeekDad and to Jonathan Liu. You are hereby eternal friends of Transformer Generation Dad. Huzzah!

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