Sunday, March 6, 2011

If You Haven't Voted Yet, Do It! Do It Now!

This is it for the first group of games. Tonight, at midnight, the first 13 games in our Geek Tournament will see voting close and winners move on to the next round.

As it stands, we have some pretty heated contests. The eight seeded G.I. Joe and ninth seeded Erector Set have been duking it out in the Toy & Game bracket, exchanging leads for days. The Video Game bracket's own eight and nine seed match-up between Doom and Donkey Kong has been even closer, most often tied when I check up on it. That bracket also has The Ocarina of Time in a close battle with Age of Empires at the five and twelve seeds respectively.

And, of course there have been blow-outs. The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy and Risk have flexed their tournament muscle. Raiders of the lost Ark has absolutely dominated The Matrix. Super Mario Bros. is walking into the next round and despite a curiously slow start, Dungeons & Dragons is now performing up to expectations. It's exciting to watch it all play out.

But the first round is far from over. There are 20 more games yet to be determined. Ten more will be posted Monday morning and remain up for three days, then another ten will be up for the remaining three days of the week. The second round shall begin Sunday, March 13th.

So keep checking back regularly and voting. Each one counts toward seeing your favorite geeky thing crown champion. It's also still not too late to submit brackets to me via email at in order to try and win a Transformer Generation Dad t-shirt. I'll accept them through the entirety of the first round and attempt to weight those that came in before games were decided versus those that came in after.

Also, if you haven't subscribed to, followed or liked (on Facebook) TGD yet, please do so. We like you and would enjoy seeing more of you around these parts.

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