Sunday, March 20, 2011

Mad Geekly Features

Busy time of year. The Men's NCAA Tournament is in full swing, our Geek Tournament has bee whittled down to sixteen teams and C2E2 was this past weekend. Our weekly features are highly reflective of this.

It all starts with our top five I-told-you-so/You-told-me-so teams from the NCAA Tournament:

5. Memphis - You told me so. I had them getting to the third round and they didn't get past the first.

4. Oakland - You told me so again. I had them getting to the third round as well and endorsed them as my favorite upset. Should've gone with Richmond.

3. Louisville - I told you so. I didn't pick them to get to the Final Four but a whole mess of other people sure did.

2. Syracuse - One last you told me so. My first Final Four pick to be eliminated, this one sort of stings a little. Congrats to Marquette, though. They played a tough game and hit the free throws at the end.

1. Pittsburgh - I so told you so. I knew they would be the first number one seed to fall and those who disagreed with me can eat it.

This week's cool ass thing you will never own is the entirety of your wish list from attending a comic convention. There was so much there that I wanted, I would have easily spent several million dollars. This estimate does not include the new garage I would have to build in order to store it all.

This week's sign you are a nerd is that you have such a large collection of souvenir comic convention passes that you've had to develop a filing system just to keep them. You can alphabetize them by city, or by event title, or sort them by date. Personally, I would sort them by date, then put them in alphabetical order by event title, but it's not like I've put that much thought into it.

This week's nemesis is my introverted nature. I was too shy to hand out the business card promoting my blog at C2E2 as often as I should have. Waiting for it to come up organically can result in rarely talking about it. I should have been a little pushier, but didn't want to be like the dozens of people stepping in front of convention-goers and sticking flyers in their faces. I would have wanted to punch myself.

This week's lesson learned is to check the weather forecast prior to planning to grill. Just because it's been nice for a few days doesn't mean it won't rain on the day you plan on preparing delicious red meat over your coals. Should you get too excited over it, somebody upstairs might even send hail.

This week's equation helps us determine what percentage of nerds and geeks are present in the attendees of any given comic convention:

The rate of nerds and geeks at a convention in percentage (R) can be determined by taking the total attendance of the convention (a) and dividing it by the total attendance (a) and then multiplying it by 100.

Finally, this week's Star Wars quote comes from C3PO: "This is madness!"

Thanks for reading, everybody. Remember to vote on our Geek Tournament's Spectacular Sixteen. You have until Tuesday night.

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