Saturday, March 5, 2011

March Mad About Weekly Features

Transformer Generation Dad's weekly features are a staple of this blog. Tomorrow being Sunday, it's time to update them and that begins with our top five list. Seeing as a lot of new people have been stopping by to vote in our Geek Tournament, this week's top five is pleas I will make to new readers:

5. Check out Third Person Thursday - I'm rather proud of the fiction that appears here each week and think it's one of this blog's more unique features. Click the "third person" label in the Posts in Nutshell section to check out some archived selections.

4. Scroll down the entire left hand column - Our weekly features (which I'm updating now, duh) appear here as does a list of upcoming interesting things for the week ahead. You can also find some awesome links and fellow bloggers.

3. Tell your friends - Yes, I'm happy you've decided to stop by, but if you can get some of your friends to stop by as well, I would be even happier.

2. Vote - Since you're hear, you should vote on the Geek Tournament if you haven't already. We have a poll to vote on every month, in fact.

1. Please come back! I'm so lonely! - It great to have new readers checking out TGD, but to have them become regular readers would truly be something. I hope you're not the love 'em and leave 'em type. I can't take my heart being broken again.

This week's cool-ass thing you will never own in an Ultron robot. The AI required hasn't been developed just yet. Plus, even a genius like Hank Pym couldn't keep it from trying to take over the world. Then again, does Hank Pym ever not screw something up?

This week's sign you are a nerd is that you would rather take the time to scientifically or mathematically prove that a hypothetical question that has been posed to you is stupid or impossible instead of just answering it.

This week's nemesis is Facebook ads. They pop up along the side of my profile and somehow have peered into my soul. Few things makes you feel as insignificant as a website that you spend twenty minutes a day on and has you completely figured out.

This week's lesson learned is that a blog requires maintenance. Who knew you needed to set up so many options? I know now that it is best to check up on the settings occasionally so that you aren't embarrassed when you finally do get some followers.

This week's equation shows you how to arrive at complete randomness:

Complete randomness (R) can be achieved by taking Family Guy jokes (f) and multiplying them by Pokemon characters (p) then adding that product to Hanna Barbera cartoons from the seventies (hb) raised to the power of Charlie Sheen (cs).

Finally, to conclude our weekly features, we have this week's Star Wars quote: "You can dispense with the pleasantries, Commander. I'm here to put you back on schedule."

Thanks for stopping by and please continue to do so.

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