Tuesday, March 1, 2011

It Has Begun!

I have two things on my mind this month. The first is how excited I am about our Geek Tournament! This is Transformer Generation Dad's version of March Madness! It's your opportunity to vote for your favorite geeky things and see which will eventually be crowned champion!

The second is that I will run out of my entire inventory of exclamation points very shortly.

Before that happens, I want to be sure to go over a few things about the tournament with you:

First, I know there are very worthy things left out. I'm sorry. The only consolation I can offer for the fact that the book you buried you face in on a nightly basis to forget about your complete social ineptitude in high school is the fact that maybe it will appear in the tournament next year.

Second, the selection committee and I have chosen the contestants and seeded them, the rest is up to all of you. Who wins which contest is now completely out of my hands and I am just as curious if not more so than you are about what the results will be.

Third, the games will be cycled through every three days or so. Thus, if you do not vote on the current posted games within three days, you will no longer have a chance to vote in them. This is precisely why it is a good idea to check back here often. I will continue to produce regular posts so that you are rewarded for your visit (or punished as the case may be if you don't care much for my ramblings).

Fourth, votes will be tallied in more places than are evident on the left hand column of this blog. I will be asking for responses via Facebook as well. I assure you that this is not my loophole by which to fudge the numbers. Everyone has access to Transformer Generation Dad's Facebook page and can monitor said votes just as easily as I can.

Finally, if you download your own bracket via the banner link near the top of our page and send your predictions to me via email (madcap1417@gmail.com) within the first week of our contest, I plan to award the top few participants with official Transformer Generation Dad t-shirts which we are in the process of designing right now and I assure you will be ready by the conclusion of the tournament. You can also email me with any other questions that I have not already answered or just to tell me how awesome I am.

So I look forward to the fun we are going to have this month and hope you do too.

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