Sunday, May 1, 2011

Ewok Victory in the Final Monthly Poll

April's poll has been decided and a resounding lot of you thought that Jar-Jar Binks was far more lame than the Ewoks. I must admit that I agree.

As per our monthly poll tradition, I have created the following image to celebrate the Ewoks' victory:

The simplicity with which the Ewok is depicted as compared to the necessary detail needed to create a recognizable resemblance to Jar-Jar Binks is meant to be a commentary on the fact that Episodes IV-VI were more realistic looking than the CGI used to animate Jar-Jar and the rest of the Gungans. I'm so deep.

And with that, we usher in a new era. The meager, yet mighty fan base of Transformer Generation Dad has decided that the poll should be updated weekly with the rest of the other features here on this blog and I shall oblige, despite the fact that this creates more work for yours truly. While I must warn you that time constraints may cause fewer graphic depictions of the poll's winner, and while that may suit you just fine, I promise to try my best to create original TGD art for as many poll results as possible.

Thus, I will not tell you in this post what the new monthly poll will be, because there will be no more monthly polls, only weekly polls. To read more about our newest poll, please refer to the weekly features post which will be coming soon and look for it in the left hand column. Thank you all for reading and thank you for your input. Surely, the Ewoks could not have severed and impaled Jar-Jar's head without you.

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