Thursday, May 19, 2011

Third Person Thursday: And Now For Something Completely Different...

Short on time, yet heavy on commitments, the courageous, creative, ever witty blog author decided that it was time to improvise on his weekly traditions. And so it went:

"Field trip chaperone.
Haikus are nice short poems."
So thought the blogger.

Born on May 19th
were Chewbacca and Fezzik.
Gentle Giants' Day.

Bulls were up one-zip.
The evil Heat stole a game.
The Empire struck back.

Laundry to be done.
Lego box on the table.
Wise man picks the bricks.

Cap best be awesome.
Good like Iron Man and Thor.
Not Fantastic Four.

He thought he might add more throughout the day if he had the chance, but that this ought to do for now. He also hoped his readers, of which he liked to imagine he had millions (shhh, let him dream), would enjoy.

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