Sunday, May 8, 2011

Happy Mother's Day to my Motherly Trinity

I would like to send out a note of thanks to three specific women in my life. I will do so in chronological order.

First, my grandmother. Thank you for raising you children, particularly my mother, with solid values and love. This was definitely passed on to all of us two generations later. Now, you continue to act as the family matriarch and keep a group of loving and wonderful people in touch with one another. You serve as a lasting example of strength and compassion and I cannot imagine life without your leadership, guidance and matter of fact style. Happy Mother's Day, Grandma.

Next, my mother. Thank you for always being there. As a kid when I scraped my knee or had my feelings hurt, you were always there, always proving to me that you were in my corner. Even now when I have my own family and at least try to be in control of my own life, you are there whenever I need you. If it's baby-sitting or just a kid word I require, I know that if I turn to you, I will find it. Furthermore, I know my boys have a grandmother that will do anything for them. Happy Mother's Day, Mom.

Finally, my wife. When we were first dating and newly married, I imagined you with children. I could see your love and compassion, and knew that you would be an excellent mother. It wasn't until we had our boys, however, that I realized how amazing a mother you would really be. Our sons always know that they will have someone who loves them more than anything and I can see them being chased through the house and tickled by you even in their teenage years. On a daily basis, I continue to learn something about parenting and compassion from you and I feel blessed to have been able to witness your life as a mother. Happy Mother's Day, babe.

I love you all and you have each meant the world to me.

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