Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Push My Buttons

Spring has been a very busy time for my family and I. We’ve had a First Communion, a birthday, and a ton of baseball. Meanwhile, there have been NBA and NHL playoff games to be watched. Pile all this on top of the usual commitments for a family of four like work, school and eating dinner and it suddenly makes for one overwhelmed Transformer Generation Dad.

Thus, the content of this blog has suffered and I fear its readership has as well. How can I blame you? If I’m not producing quality posts on a regular basis, how can I expect you to continue visiting and reading my drivel?

So, while I personally think the Third Person Thursday posts of ate have been fairly successful, please consider this my apology for my recent lack of posts worth reading on a daily basis. Stick with me and I promise that I will step up my game.

In the meantime, I’d like to ask a few favors form you.

Ahhh, there’s the catch, you say. Here comes the real reason why he’s being so humble and coming to us hat in hand. He’s only initiating the give of the give and take so that he get to the part where he takes.

You sound awfully cynical thinking that way, but I have to admit that you’re right. I have a few favors to ask of you, but since you’ve already read this far I hope that you will hear me out.

I make a pretty big deal out of the left hand column of this blog. That’s where the weekly features are…featured. If I could divert your attention to the right hand column, however, we can get to the favors I’d like to ask of you. On that side of the blog you will find several buttons. Please use these buttons to subscribe to the RSS feed for this blog, follow it on Facebook, Twitter and/or Google (if you don’t have a Google account already, you might as well create one since they are going to rule the world quite soon and you will need to have one them by law), vote for me on Bloggers’ Choice Awards and donate to the Red Cross either for their relief funds in Japan or Alabama (it’s not all selfish).

Click on one or all of the many colorful, pretty buttons and satisfaction shall be yours…and mine, but I’m more worried about it being yours. Sure I am.

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